Friday, June 29, 2012

Painted Textures, Ambient Light and More Time Savers from the 3D Department of One

Since my previous post on 2D and 3D there have been some new and glorious little victories in the land of Creamers. Despite the fact that Dave Delisle the Creamers 3D guy and more importantly the dedicated master behind Dave’s Geeky Ideas  not too mention Dave’s Geeky Hockey  suggested creating 2D painted textures for some of the scenes I must have dismissed it as the previous attempts were so dismal. Anyhooch, about a month ago he mentioned it again so we embarked on a bunch of tests. First one was not so hot as we used a really old painting of mine

and we got this
But the second round Dave gave me this

I painted it in TV Paint with the custom film brushes and gave him this

Then we got this
Yes!... I think it is going to work – this was HUGE as it meant that my epic shot of some 600 plus frames of Ester dancing around the pool could actually be feasible. I think I was dreaming before thinking I could actually paint every frame of that MF, stencil technique or no stencil technique. (see January’s post)

So then to take it a step further I did 3 slightly different versions of the texture and we created a boiling hold which again was looking pretty good.

Hand Painted Texture - Boiling Hold from Hilary Moses on Vimeo.

Now the flood gates were opened.  Yet another to do tab on the master spreadsheet. A whole long list of models to unwrap UVs to be created and painted. 

While I have been painting for the last 2 weeks I thought of the artist someone told me about who painted nothing but jean textures at EA for 6 years.

It is probably some kind of nerdy urban myth but this kind of stuff really puts what I am doing into perspective for me. It may be a lot of work but Creamers is rarely boring, a lot more colourful and now not only do I not have to draw a gazillon creamers I don’t have to paint them either – thanks Dave!


  1. Nice posting, thanks for sharing with us. Your blog is great and helped me feel better knowing about the texture paint. Thanks again!