Thursday, May 5, 2011

The GoGo Factor

I am going to digress from my ‘making of - work in progress’ game plan I had for my blog posts and talk about the Creamers campaign I launched 20 days ago on IndieGoGo. When I asked a producer friend of mine for funding ideas for my ridiculously labour intensive film that would never reap any financial return she suggested asking rich people or try crowd sourcing. I did have Matt Damon on my rich people list for some unknown reason but I had never heard of crowd sourcing. Then another friend sent me a link to KickStarter and a whole new world opened up. Whether it’s the product of the extreme ill health of arts funding or born of the ingenuity of those who think online, both IndieGoGo and KickStarter are great resources for the likes of independent artists. It did force me to go in front of the camera which was kind of excruciating but at least it meant a day up in the mountains running around like a yeti. Expanding my online presence also lead me to submit an artist profile on The Proof part of the Vancouver is Awesome website.

I would never have predicted the many generous donations and supportive comments I have received since launching my campaign. The motivational factor alone has been huge. Which brings me to the purpose of this post and why I am spending yet more time talking about animation instead of doing it. I am trying to increase my GoGoFactor – the elusive barometer set by the GoGo people to help me scrounge my way to the top of the 20,000 project pile and maybe into their featured page or blog. I was up in the first 4 pages of 'New This Month' but seem to have lost ground. I need to (apparently) spam widgets around here is one now

So if you are reading this blog and would like to help my GoGo Factor please click on the widget or spread the word like this

If I can make it higher up the IndieGoGo food chain I may bump into one of those elusive ‘rich people’ who might just might fund a stranger's labour of love...