Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The Longest Day Has Ended

It's done. 

After years of animating, editing, producing and trying to stay focused in an ocean of distractions and 'other shit that has to be done' I have finally finished my short film Creamers. I wanted to create an image that would capture the feeling of finishing such a seemingly endless list of tasks but the thought of drawing or creating anything original at this point is too exhausting. So in my new found and long awaited state of laziness I googled the title of this post and these are some of the strangely eclectic images that popped up. I chose these three partly because they look kind of cool together and partly because they seem to represent the weird mix of emotions I am experiencing right now. Its fun, a little nutty and it's all making me want to smoke. I have been dreaming of that beach for a long time now and its quite liberating to know I could actually stroll on it in the near future but a bit stressful looking back on the sacrifices that have been made to get me to this point.

Was it worth it? That is the million dollar question that swims around my thoughts and its too early to say at this point. That said, no matter what I may feel in any given moment in the future about this whole epic malarky it has been worth because I did it. Dreamt it, lived it, finished it. Come what may I can move on knowing that Creamers has become an is in my life not a what if.  And that feels like a warm sand between the toes.